Improved Information Security with Tempo Budgets

At Tempo, we strive to build world-class project management solutions. To ensure the data from Tempo is accurate and actionable, especially when it comes to project costs, our customers often put sensitive information in the Tempo + JIRA system. In return, we make a commitment to transparently and reliably compartmentalize this sensitive information so only the right people can see it.

We’ve always had a commitment to supporting best practices when it comes to information security. The new features in Tempo Budgets 11.1.1 take that commitment even further.

We made significant improvements to permissions making them more transparent and customizable. We want to make it easier for our customers to share relevant folios with co-workers and help them to understand better who is able to view what data within Tempo Budgets.

Before we get to specifics, here’s a bit more about why we made these improvements.

Business software has changed dramatically

Beyond the buzzwords “cloud” or “SaaS”, our expectations for business software are fundamentally different than in past years. This has a lot to do with an increasingly global workforce, more emphasis on collaboration, and an on-the-go lifestyle that sees some of our customers tracking time “in the field” instead of the office.

The new way to work gives tremendous benefits, but is not without a few downsides:

  • Distributed teams mean distributed work and information.
  • “On-the-go” means some of your work is asynchronous, which makes collaboration a challenge.
  • “In the field” and “from home” mean your business software is open to the internet.

There are many great strategies to manage these constraints. Indeed, Tempo has a number of ways to adapt to this modern workplace…

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