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Why Partner with Us? We Give You the Tools You Need.

Our unified, coordinated defense identifies fraudsters, lowers chargeback rates and gives merchants unparalleled visibility and insights into its current fraud programs. Our system can serve as a standalone solution or as an enhancement to any existing program.

Our Mission

Our Mission. Eliminate Fraud Through Collective Intelligence.

By combining the latest technologies, predictive modeling with collective intelligence from our network, we believe that we can stay one step ahead fraudsters and together we can defeat online fraud.

What We Do

What We Do. We're the Next Step in Fraud Prevention.

We enable companies to safely and anonymously pool fraudulent and suspicious order data into a real-time sharable database. Our system allows members to leverage the collective insights and experiences of an entire network .

What Clients Say

Customer Testimonails

I've been waiting for a service like this one to come to market. It makes perfect sense.

Dan Krebs GreenMarket.com
Customer Testimonails

Since implementing Fraud.net, we've seen our fraud rates reduced by almost 50%.

Rebecca Boldin iMed.com
Customer Testimonails

Fraud.net's order profiles have allowed us to drastically reduce our manual review processing times.

Kevin Cho Vitamin Warehouse